Search Topic Insurance Medicine in the Cochrane Library

Insurance Medicine has its own topic in the Cochrane Library

CIM is very pleased to announced to the Insurance Medicine (IM) community the recent creation of the topic ‘Insurance Medicine’ in the Cochrane Library.

The topic ‘Insurance Medicine’ aims to facilitate the search of Cochrane reviews that include outcomes relevant for IM (I.e. return to work, sick leave, work disability, participation, prevention of injuries or sickness and costs) in their methods section. The topic ‘Insurance Medicine’ has been created for IM physicians, researchers, managers, guidelines developers, decision makers and other health professionals working in areas related to social and private insurance. We expect that this new CIM product will help us to move forward on our goal, making insurance more evidence-based.

For more information on the inclusion/exclusion criteria that were used to select relevant systematic reviews, please click here. You can also watch our tutorial video on how to navigate and use the IM topic