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  • We proudly present our first set of podcasts on Cochrane Reviews in English, German and French:Surgical or conservative treatment for impingement of the shoulderPreventing occupational stress in healthcare workersListen to podcasts
    May 27 2021
  • With a great pleasure we present the 2020 CIM Annual Report!What a year! 2020 had hardly started when an unknown virus captured the world and held us hostage, without means to test and diagnose, without remedy to cure, without vaccines to protect. We had to fall back to medieval procedures of isolation and a cessation of public life. Many of us...
    May 21 2021
  • Evidence-based medicine (EBM) means the consideration of research findings when taking decisions in clinical medicine. This approach has become standard in health and social care. Since it is less clear to what degree EBM is applied in insurance medicine, European insurance physicians performed a joint survey among colleagues in 8 countries and 2...
    April 14 2021
  • Update from January 15, 2021It remains uncertain whether holding large events on-site will be feasible in the coming months. For this reason, the SIM Board, in consultation with the EUMASS Executive Board, has decided to hold the EUMASS Congress 2021 from 16-17 September 2021 purely ONLINE (NEW 2 days). A difficult decision - had we all...
    February 17 2021
  • There are currently no tools for assessing claimants’ perceived fairness in work disability evaluations. EbIM Research & Education made a study, in which authors describe the development and validation of a questionnaire for this purpose. Click here to read Plos One article.
    February 12 2021
  • The Cochrane Knowledge Translation (KT) Department invited Cochrane Insurance Medicine to talk about the successes and challenges of the past five years, our KT strategy, working in collaboration with partners and other Cochrane Group, and our plans for the future. The CIM blog is available here.
    November 19 2020
  • Cochrane Corners are evidence summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews (SR) applied to solve cases frequently encountered in the professional practice. Check out our new Cochrane Corner published in the TBV Journal in the Netherlands and titled “Surgical or conservative treatment for impingement of the rotator cuff?”. The SR found that...
    October 8 2020
  • In Celebration of the 5-year existence of Cochrane Insurance Medicine, we published an article in the TBV Journal in the Netherlands. In the article, we reflect on the work that CIM has developed and provide an overview on our current and future projects. Read here.
    September 23 2020
  • CIM has recently created a new Cochrane Corners section in CIM’s website. The objective is to compile and disseminate all the Corners that have been published in the last years by CIM members. There you will find a collection of Corners from 2017 on-wards and in different languages (English, Dutch, French and German). View the collection here.
    June 26 2020
  • The Symposium 'Evidence-based Practice in Insurance Medicine', took place on Wednesday afternoon 16th September 2020 at the University Hospital of Basel. Programme and presentations online.Ten years ago, the University of Basel established the Clinical Professorship of Insurance Medicine to advance and promote the production of...
    December 5 2019


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