Evidence on the Web
a pilot project

How much evidence exists in the area of insurance medicine? Most would agree that insurance medicine has plenty of opportunities to enhance its evidence base and support practitioners and policy makers in decision making. Still, there is more scientific literature available than most dare to think. One of the challenges is to find the evidence in popular medical databases, such as PubMed.

The pilot project “Evidence on the Web” sets out to collect Cochrane Reviews that cover outcomes related to insurance medicine (e.g. disability, sick leave, hospitalisation, cost, ...), systematic reviews for core topics of insurance medicine (such as disability assessment, sick leave certification, participation, return to work), instruments to support common tasks such as medical assessments and evaluations, and collect publications on methodological issues specific to insurance medicine. Given the piloting nature of our project, we do not aim to cover all possible topics.

“Evidence on the Web” is work in progress. Enjoy browsing our collection. If you have systematic reviews, instruments and methodological studies that match our criteria, we would be delighted to learn about them and add them to our collection.

Inclusion criteria

Systematic reviews

  • Systematic reviews on interventions, prognosis, diagnosis, causality
  • Topics matching  the core tasks of insurance medicine  
  • Outcomes with relevance to insurance medicine (e.g. frequency of return to work, duration of sickness absence, degree of disability ...)
  • Quantitative studies

Instruments that support the core tasks of insurance medicine

  • Primary studies and systematic reviews
  • Descriptions of instruments


  • Primary studies and systematic reviews on research methodology specific to insurance medicine