Our Pre-Conference Symposium to EUMASS 2020

Welcome to the Pre-Conference Symposium 'Evidence-based Practice in Insurance Medicine', that will take place in Basel on Wednesday afternoon 16th September 2020.

Ten years ago, the University of Basel established the Clinical Professorship of Insurance Medicine to advance and promote the production of evidence in insurance medicine. Five years later, this chair founded the international Cochrane Insurance Medicine (CIM) field together with partners from the Netherlands, Sweden and Canada. Both activities made important contributions to professionalise insurance medicine in Switzerland and Europe and paved the way for an insurance medicine that is based on clinical research and informs practice.

 We engage in Research

In this pre-conference symposium, we will present our research on real-life work disability assessments and report on the development of a Core Outcome Set (COS) for work participation which will facilitate the comparison of findings from different studies.

We influence practice

Using a real-life example from Finland, we illustrate how a Cochrane review from our unit Evidence-based Insurance Medicine, EbIM, affects national policy. Using an example from the Netherlands, we illustrate how reviews from Cochrane Work contribute to guideline recommendations. We demonstrate how CIM conveys knowledge to practitioners and stakeholders.


By engaging in in high quality education, we promote the professional development of insurance medicine and shape the profession. 

Pre-Conference programme here.