Findings from the survey on “Information Needs in Insurance Medicine” presented in Seoul

Joint meeting of Cochrane Insurance Medicine and Cochrane Work (Monday 24 October, 13:00-13:50).  These two related Cochrane groups will introduce themselves and share ongoing projects with the audience. We will present findings from CIM’s stakeholder survey about information needs where insurance physicians expressed an interest for more education in interpreting scientific evidence and applying it to individual cases. Insurance medicine professionals preferred guidelines and systematic reviews over primary studies and case law, indicating the need for reliable and quickly available information. “Evidence on the Web” is our illustrative online collection of systematic reviews and methods papers on topics relevant for insurance medicine with over 100 citations, demonstrating that insurance medicine has more evidence in place than many think. We will present its concept and future plans. Work will discuss findings from recent Work reviews (e.g. ‘Reduction of sitting at work` and ‘Shift workers’ sleep problems’) and collect input from the audience about priority topics that should be initiated in the near future.

Poster sessions Tuesday 25 October:

-          10:30-11:00: Findings from the information needs survey

-          15:30-16:00: Prevalence of insurance medicine outcomes in reviews with high relevance to insurance medicine. We surveyed 15 Review Groups. Prevalence was high in reviews by Work (65%), Back&Neck (63%) and Common Mental Disorders (47%). Mean prevalence was 26%, which was higher than expected. CIM needs to advocate for more frequent consideration of insurance medicine outcomes in Cochrane reviews.


See you at the Colloquium!

Regina Kunz, Rebecca Weida (CH), Cochrane Insurance Medicine

Jani Ruotsalainen (Fi), Cochrane Work