Learning resources and events

A research program on rapid reviews: where should we venture next? Webinar video

In four videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live webinar series, Dr Andrea Tricco highlights the differences between rapid reviews and systematic reviews. Dr Tricco describes a research program on rapid reviews and outlines practical recommendations on doing rapid reviews, focusing on the Guide to Rapid Reviews, which was published by the Alliance, World Health Organization. Click here to find the videos from the webinar along with the accompanying slides to download [PDF]. 

Understanding Research Evidence (11 Videos)

Understanding and interpreting research evidence is an important part of practicing evidence-informed public health. You need to understand some basic concepts. This series of short videos explains some important terms that you are likely to encounter when looking at research evidence. To access the videos, click here.

Evidence-informed Public Health series hosted by Donna Ciliska I (8 Videos) 

Evidence-Informed Public Health (EIPH) is the process of finding, appraising, distilling and disseminating the best available evidence from research – both quantitative and qualitative research – and using that evidence to inform and improve health policy. These videos describe each of NCCMT's recommended seven steps involved in the EIPH process. To access the videos, click here.

Online modules: Evidence-based decision making

These open access modules have been developed by the National Collaborating Centre for Methods and Tools  learning centre in Canada to support the process of evidence-informed public health. Available modules include: Introduction to evidence-Informed decision making; quantitative research designs; searching; critical appraisal of guidelines; critical appraisal of systematic review; critical appraisal of qualitative studies; critical appraisal of intervention studies and implementing knowledge translation strategies in public health, among other. For more information on the learning centre and the services and options offered, click here

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Webinar videos: Undertaking a qualitative evidence synthesis to support decision-making in a Cochrane context

In these videos, originally part of the Cochrane Learning Live and GESI webinar series, Jane Noyes presented three qualitative evidence synthesis methods for discussion that were outlined in the New Cochrane Qualitative and Implementation Methods Guidance and published in the Journal of Clinical Epidemiology in December 2017.